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Welcome to the Jewish Passport website.

This website strives to give you a variety of tools that a Jew needs on his journeys all over the world. This begins with useful Jewish information, such as listings of synagogues, mikvehs, and Chabad Houses worldwide (the search engine appears to the right). Similarly, there are links to other useful sites for halachic questions, on-line Torah classes, holy s'farim on the network, and the like.

With the passage of time, we intend, G-d willing, to expand the website's activities, making it into a regular stop for Jewish tourists and businessmen on their trips throughout the globe.

In addition to this website, we periodically publish the "Jewish Passport" booklet, which includes useful Jewish information, together with words of Torah and learning material for travelers. The booklet is available at Chabad stands in the airport or it can be downloaded from this site.

We invite you to register to receive updates from the website staff, and to join us at Facebook or Twitter. We will preserve the confidentiality of your personal information.

Please note that the site is currently under construction and some of the options are still not available.

With blessings for a good and safe journey,

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